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Tender Loving Pets was rated among the top dog daycares in Indianapolis by Expertise.

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Readers of Indy Tails magazine have consistently voted us Indy’s Best Doggy Daycare.

Here’s a small sampling of online reviews we’ve received.

“I work a full time job and it just breaks my heart to leave my little dog (Bella) at home alone every day.  She is not even 2 years old yet and LOVES to play. A lot of my friends take their dogs to doggie daycares, so I thought I would give it a try. 

Bella's First Day:
I walked in with Bella and when she heard all of the dogs barking, she immediately started trembling, which upset me a little.  I worried that maybe this wasn't a good idea after all.  Yet, they welcomed us immediately and were so sweet and just took a liking to Bella right away!  They said they would start Bella out in a smaller room with 3-4 small dogs to get her acclimated.  I left Bella, along with her packed lunch and walked to the car nearly in tears.  It was like a first day of kindergarten or something!  

Within an hour, they emailed me to let me know that she was doing great and gave me detailed information about each of the dogs she liked playing with (aka her new friends)....Addison, Wyatt, etc.  Shortly afterwards, they emailed me pictures of her playing with the other dogs.  It melted my heart and just immediately made me feel that I made the right decision.  They definitely must know how hard first days are on pet parents and they try hard to make it easier!  Much appreciated.  2.5 hours into her visit, they called me and once again, told me how well she was doing, who she was playing with, etc.  I am loving them at this point!!

End of day, I picked her up.  She was in the bigger room with more dogs and one of the staff members had Bella in her arms with Bella resting her head on the lady's shoulder.  Bella loves being held like that.  Again, warmed my heart!!  I paid for her day of daycare and was handed her report card!!  OMG.  It had multiple pictures of her playing throughout the day and a write up on how cute she was, how well she did during the day, etc.  It is hanging on my fridge now!!”  

Tonya S via YELP

"Charlie knows exactly where the daycare is - and before we even make it to the door - he is shaking his little butt so hard from excitement. & I have yet to meet a staff member working there that was not cheerfully and extremely friendly! They all know Charlie by name (which is impressive considering the number of staff and the amount of dogs there.) They all love Charlie and Charlie loves them"!

Amy via Yelp

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